• The CPIMS Steering Committee

    The International Rescue Committee (IRC), Save the Children and UNICEF have been working together since 2005 as a Steering Committee to promote the use of a standard inter-agency Child Protection Information Management System for the Child Protection Sector. In 2016, both UNHCR and Terre des hommes Lausanne joined the CPIMS Steering Committee. In 2019, it's the CP AoR and Plan International who joined! The CPIMS Steering Committee governs the inter-agency use of the CPIMS+ in inter-agency humanitarian contexts and provides critical support for coordination and implementation.

    The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action - Case Management Task Force

    The "Alliance" is an inter agency group made up of national and international organizations who are actively engaged in child protection in humanitarian settings. The Alliance supports several Task Forces, including the Case Management Task Force which provides technical guidance and resources to promote quality case management in humanitarian responses.

    The Primero Support Hub

    The Primero Support Hub is a new online knowledge management resource, recently launched as a beta version. This website hosts the user guides and technical documentation for the CPIMS+. As Primero evolves, these resources are constantly being updated. The Hub also hosts a community discussion forum, an Announcements page, release notes, and help desk. The goal of the Hub is to have all support requests, feature ideas, and user experiences feeding into one Primero body of knowledge that will make the app better for everyone. It's a work in progress, but your feedback is appreciated!

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