• The CPIMS+/Primero Basic Information

    Here you can find the CPIMS Factsheet (En, Fr, Es) with the information you need to get started (including key messages relating to CPIMS and CPIMS+/Primero).
    The CPIMS+ is designed to support case management, but quality case management practice involves capacity building, good planning, coordination, and resources. Explore the resources below to get familiar with our process.

    CPIMS+ Minimum Criteria & Assessment Tools

    Check out the Minimum criteria (En, Fr) and the Minimum criteria checklist (En, Fr) to see if the CPIMS+ is a good fit for your agency or programme. The CPIMS+ is built upon best practice programme tools, including standard forms, SOPs, ISPs and more. We can help you get where you need to be.
    All programmes are different, so not all CPIMS+ rollouts are the same.
    Next, a contextualized assessment will gather the detailed information needed to provide appropriate support services and recommendations. Contact the CPIMS Inter-Agency Coordinator (see Support tab) to provide you with a country specific template (Individual Agency Assessment or Inter-Agency CP Coordination Mechanism).

    Inter-Agency Case Management Guidelines

    The CPIMS+ is a tool for facilitating data management in a well-functioning child protection case management practice. Here are three key resources to support you: The Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action, the Inter-Agency Case Management and Child Protection Guidelines and the Case Management Supervision and coaching package. These documents provide detailed information and standards for designing and delivering quality programmes. There are also sample forms and templates that can help you design your programme.

    Training & Capacity Building: Case Management & CPIMS+

    For a comprehensive package of inter-agency case management training materials, available in English, French, Spanish and Arabic please go to this link.

    For CPIMS+ training, programming contexts can differ. Training materials will need to be contextualized to reflect the programme needs. The CPIMS Steering Committee can support with adaptable templates and up-to-date materials.


    Configuring the CPIMS+

    The CPIMS+/Primero has many features and options that allow it be adapted to different types of protection programmes. This process of adaptation is called "configuration" and it can require significant effort. Complex configurations - those involving different languages, many new forms, complex workflows, notifications and multiple roles and agencies - often require dedicated technical support to complete and test. See this link for a starter guide on the Primero Configuration Process.


    The CPIMS+ Rollout Guidelines NEW!

    The CPIMS+ Rollout Guidelines provide a comprehensive set of resources for every stage of the rollout process. Covering Assessment, Planning, Implementation and Support, this is an all-in-one guide to getting you started with your CPIMS+ rollout. Keep checking back, as we will continue developing and extending these resources.


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