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    Digitally Supported Case Management for Children

    with Primero

    Now more than ever, the social services workforce needs fit-for-purpose tools to reach their clients with quality care. Digital technologies have a role to play. Primero is here to help.

    You can quickly learn more by clicking on the button below to download the latest Primero Brief which contains details of the product, services and community that make Primero the right choice for your programme.

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    The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action - Case Management Task Force

    The Alliance is an inter-agency organization composed of national and international organizations working on child protection in humanitarian settings. The Alliance hosts the Case Management Task Force (CMTF) which provides technical guidance and resources to promote quality case management in humanitarian responses. The CMTF works closely with the CPIMS+ team to ensure the system is aligned to best practices.

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    CPIMS+ Rollout Guidelines for all programming contexts 

    The CPIMS+ Rollout Guidelines are a comprehensive set of resources for every stage of the rollout process. Covering the initial assessment, planning, implementation and support, this all-in-one guide will help you get started with your CPIMS+ rollout. The guidelines have gone through extensive reviews and updates to ensure they are complete with lessons learned from government-led rollouts, humanitarian responses, single-agency rollouts, and complex programme deployments.