• Interoperability with CPIMS+

  • Overview, Rationale and Purpose

    Program interventions have better outcomes when they are well integrated and coordinated.
    The CPIMS+ is designed to be interoperable with other information management systems. The Primero team has developed guidance for safe, secure and sustainable interoperability. The resources adhere to information sharing protocols and reinforce good practice and principles, including need to know, do no harm, and data minimization principles.
    Interoperability is the ability of data systems - like Primero - to exchange information and tasks with other systems. For Primero, this may be between modules and/or with other partner systems and may involve manual exchange of files, or automation using software. Primero does not automatically exchange information with external systems, but it does have APIs (application program interface) that can act as access points to securely communicate with other systems.
    Safeguarding the collection, storage and sharing of beneficiary information is central to the mission of the CPIMS+. Digital systems are increasingly used to improve services and referral mechanisms, and data security and data privacy are critical. Where systems can become electronically interoperable in order to improve the delivery of services, measures must be taken to ensure children's rights are protected. This is our commitment.
    Better integration of data systems can be a driver for better outcomes for children. The CPIMS+ is here to help.
  • Expectations & Prerequisites


    Essential building blocks

    Before we get started, there are a few building blocks that are needed to be in place to ensure a successful integration. Below is a list of key documents/processes/structures/software functionality that should be in place to proceed:

    • Information Sharing Protocol (ISP) to be in place or in development in line with local Standard Operating Procedures for Case Management
    • Field-level Child Protection Inter-agency coordination structures in place required to support and maintain interoperability
    • Strong case management capacity and interagency collaboration
    • ICT considerations including troubleshooting support are available
    • Stable security situation and operational context
    • API available in other IMS system receiving/sending data from Primero (this is required)

    Identify in-country agency focal points for interoperability

    If your programme is interested in interoperability between Primero and another IMS, a dedicated working group is critical for coordination. The in-country CPIMS+ Users and the other IMS administrators must agree to interoperability. A dedicated system administrator for CPIMS+ must be appointed to oversee the implementation of interoperability, testing, training and on-going support. Typically this would be the CPIMS+ System Administrator or a focal point(s) with a strong understanding of information management systems and child protection who is actively involved with inter-agency child protection case workers and managers. This in-country appointed focal point(s) will be requested to meet with the Primero and other IMS team for 1 hour weekly calls for ~9 weeks for the duration of interoperability implementation and participate in a system administrator training for interoperability. The focal point(s) will support end-to-end testing of data sharing between the 2 systems, and training end-users once the system is ready to go-live. Once interoperability is live, the focal point(s) will also be the user(s) who would support with assigning referrals to the appropriate agency and troubleshoot any issues that end-users may face.


    Approved and Signed Information Sharing Protocol between participating agencies

    All data sharing requests should be clearly outlined in the Data Protection Information Sharing Protocol (DPISP) which is a tool that is part of Information Management standards for case management. All child protection agencies are required to agree and sign a DPISP defining what information about children can be shared, when and with whom.


    Configuration Support

    The in-country agencies will provide the technical teams from Primero and the other IMS with the following information to implement the interoperability solutions:

    • Use cases when data should sent/received
    • Workflows of which users and roles should send/receive data
    • What data points would be shared and under which circumstances


    Responsibility for budgeting and financial resourcing for the interoperability solution should be agreed in advance. There are many available solutions. Reach out to your local team to explore options.

  • Timeline Considerations

    The Primero Team offers support services to implement interoperability solutions. This must be done in close

    coordination with the technical team of the partner solution.

    The tasks in blue are led by the appointed inter-agency focal point.

    1. Signed Data Protection and Information Sharing Protocol

    2. Data flow and mapping specifications are finalized

    3. Technical Implementation

    Note: For any new implementation of interoperability we will replicate this technical process

    4. Access is provided to test environments

    5. Demonstration and testing by in-country agencies

    6. System Administrator training on how to support after go-live, administer and monitor interoperability

    7. Training on how to send and receive data between Primero and other IMS as well as refresher training as needed

    8. Go-live with interoperability between Primero and partner IMS

  • Technical Documentation on Interoperability with UNHCR's ProGres v4

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    Requirements, Specifications & Training

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    Interoperability Tutorials on YouTube

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    Primero Support Hub


  • Technical Documentation on Interoperability with ONA

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    Primero and ONA Dashboard

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    Technical Documentation for ONA on GitHub

  • Technical Considerations and FAQ

    Raised by the Primero Coordination Committee & CPIMS+ Steering Committee