• Phase 4: Production Support & Maintenance

    User support & on-going maintenance.

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  • Primero Support Hub 


    The Primero Support Hub is our central repository of all release documentation, knowledge base articles, user guides and general support. Here we maintain a well-curated knowledge base made up of well-documented resolutions, best-practices, video tutorials to disseminate knowledge to end users and administrators. You can also find details of upcoming feature development in our roadmap.


    System administrators will be equipped with access to the Support Hub and system administrator skype chat for immediate support by the Primero team when an issue arises.


    Maintenance Releases & Notifications 


    Software application updates will be made by the IT support team in coordination with the CPIMS+ System Administrator. They will require no action on the part of the end users, although the System Administrator must schedule and communicate an appropriate time with the end users when the system will not be available. Please review the release management process.

    The releases are ongoing development to share new features, security updates and address any fixes. The Primero team will update the system administrator of the date and time the demo and production site will be updated and will share details of the features and fixes in the release notes.


    Decommissioning / Sunsetting 


    If the mission of the CPIMS+ case management application has been fulfilled, or the product has been superseded, or is no longer sustainable, it needs to be decommissioned. Please refer to the decommissioning guidance.