• Case Management


    The CPIMS+ helps strengthen case management through modern information management technology. The system can be easily configured to reflect different SOPs, roles, and programmes in any language. The CPIMS+ offers intuitive digital forms and clear workflows to assist with documenting case management processes, from identification and registration, to assessment, case planning, referrals, tracking service provision, and case closure.


    Family Tracing and Reunification


    CPIMS+ uses sophisticated matching technology to pair tracing requests made by caregivers with records of children registered as missing, separated or unaccompanied. Matching criteria can be configured to meet the needs of the context. These FTR features are backstopped by a complete case management module to ensure that children receive appropriate care.


    Online and Offline availability


    CPIMS+ is for case workers on-the-go. It is a full-featured progressive web application that works online and offline. If a connection drops, case workers don't need to worry about data loss or accessing their records The CPIMS+ works in all modern browsers and on any type of device (mobile, tablet, laptop).

    Designed with and developed for child protection case workers and social services providers

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  • Where we are working

    The CPIMS+ is being used at global scale in dozens of countries by thousands of case workers, supervisors, programme managers and monitoring specialist. Hover over the map to tour our global coverage. There are many new CPIMS+ rollouts ongoing. Check back often to see our latest deployments.

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