The power of Primero/CPIMS+

in our child protection

response in Ukraine

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The impact of war on children

As we mark two years since the start of the war in Ukraine, the nation’s most vulnerable children continue to face unimaginable dangers and hardships. With over three million children in dire need of humanitarian and child protection assistance, the continuous violence, displacement, and loss of caregivers has taken a heavy toll on their mental health, leaving millions at risk of depression and PTSD.

Amidst the chaos and uncertainty, UNICEF and its humanitarian partners rallied together to safeguard the rights and well-being of children in Ukraine. Led by the Ukraine Child Protection Area of Responsibility*, organizations mobilized to provide essential interventions, including mental health support, reintegration services, and protection for children with disabilities.'

A Call to action: Enter Primero/CPIMS+

Amongst these efforts, the idea of a centralized digital case management system took shape. Primero/CPIMS+ – Child Protection Information Management System – a proven solution utilized by our partners such as Save the Children and UNHCR globally, quickly became the answer. With its proven success in other contexts, the system was tailored to Ukraine's needs, ensuring alignment with local procedures and translated into Ukrainian for accessibility.

Humanitarian partners were very eager to implement the CPIMS+ in the country but expressed their concerns in several meetings, including donor commitment and the lack of a system in place to facilitate their case management,” says Ranjini Paskarasingam Coordinator, UNICEF’s Child Protection Area of Responsibility Ukraine. “As the Child Protection Area of Responsibility, we responded by supporting partners in implementing the CPIMS+ to ensure effective case management approaches.”

"The process of working with cases has become more streamlined and structured" - A case worker from Kyiv


"The process of working with cases has become more streamlined and structured" - A case worker from Kyiv

In April 2022, an online training session brought together 224 case workers, managers, and coordinators. Despite the challenges of remote learning, the Primero team successfully equipped participants with the skills needed to utilize the system effectively.


Following this, continuous capacity-building efforts ensured that users harness the full potential of CPIMS+. Online training, consultations, and informational materials empowered frontline workers to navigate the system with ease, enhancing their ability to support vulnerable children.

“The training has been crucial in helping us understand the functionalities of CPIMS+ and maximize its potential,” says Ranjini. “Participant feedback has been positive, with many expressing their appreciation for the support provided during the training sessions.

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"A positive aspect of the system is that it provides a list of child protection concerns from which selections can be made, significantly enhancing the description of the problem and needs assessment"

- A case supervisor from Lutsk


Transforming case management

 Since its full implementation in April 2023, CPIMS+ has made significant strides in supporting efficient child protection management. With 77 partner organizations onboard, including leading global INGOs and frontline national civil society organizations, over 500 users have been registered, facilitating the tracking of thousands of cases.

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“One of the most fulfilling aspects of implementing CPIMS+ has been witnessing the immediate impact it has on children,” says Ranjini.

“With real-time data and information at hand, case workers can make well-informed decisions that directly benefit the well-being and protection of children.”

Adding, “Such decisions include referrals to services which helps strengthen the integration between different parts of the child protection system.


In the face of adversity, innovation shines brightest. Primero/CPIMS+ has not only strengthened our child protection efforts in Ukraine but also exemplifies the power of collaboration and technology in humanitarian response.  

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*The Child Protection Area of Responsibility (CPAoR) coordinates the response across the sector and provides leadership and services, such as Primero. They are led by UNICEF in line with its core responsibility in humanitarian situations.