• Features & Functionality

    Designed with and developed by child protection case workers and social services providers, the CPIMS+ is a web-based case management solution that provides easy-to-use tools to help those who help children.

    Case Management

    The CPIMS+/Primero provides intuitive digital forms and clear workflows to assist with documenting case management processes, from identification and registration, to assessment, case planning, referrals and transfers, and case closure. The CPIMS+ represents an opportunity to strengthen case management with the use of information management technology reflecting SOPs, workflows and paper forms that partners are utilizing. The CPIMS+ is highly configurable so that it can be adapted to different types of programmes. The software is supports internationalization and is available in English, French, Arabic, Spanish and more!

    Family tracing & reunification

    The CPIMS+/Primero uses matching technology to pair tracing requests made by caregivers with records of children registered as separated or unaccompanied. This FTR functionality is configurable, meaning that matching criteria can be changed depending on the context. See a demo video here!

    CPIMS+ Offline

    The CPIMS+ v1 has an Android mobile app to support data gathering for case workers on the go, wherever they are. This brings new security and offline functionality to the CPIMS+. Case data can be safely stored on the device until the user can connect to the internet. Version 3 of the app (Android 6) is available on the Play Store, with new features and improved performance. Check out the demo video. CPIMS+ v2 is a progressive web application (PWA) available both online and offline as a full-feature web app. CPIMS+ v2 responds to the size of the screen, so it can be used on any type of device - computer, tablet or phone - via the web browser.

    Open Source Public Good

    The CPIMS+/Primero is envisioned as a global public good, and has been developed according to the Principles for Digital Development. Primero is made available on GitHub under the GNU Affero GPL 3 license. We are working to build a vibrant community. Spread the word, subscribe to our blog, and check out our Support Hub.

  • Take a Tour of the CPIMS+

    We are constantly building and improving the CPIMS+ based on the feedback from our users. To review some of the existing features, click on the button below.

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