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A 2023 update from the CPIMS+ Team

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We're overdue for an update....

At the half-way mark of 2023, the CPIMS+ is hitting new heights in terms of scale and demand. We've experienced an unprecendented surge in requests for rollouts in humanitarian and development contexts, from national governments, civil society actors, and global organizations. As we are rapidly scaling up across the world, we are learning more from our broad network of users about their needs, and improving our products and services as we go.

Let's begin with the new go-lives: In the past 6 months, the CPIMS+ has gone live in Guinea, Moldova, St. Vincent and Grenadines, Uganda, and Ukraine. This is no small effort. Planning and implementing a rollout requires extensive engagmeent with local actors and teams, business analysis and consensus within the child protection community on how we will move forward. The CPIMS+ rollout process involves a comprehensive, multi-phase work plan that depends on the collaboration and coordindation of all the actors in the sector.


In addition to the new rollouts, we've supported major scale-up efforts in Ghana, Guatemala, Iraq, Romania, and Trinidad and Tobago. Achieving scale is not only measured by how many new countries we work in, but by the reach and coverage that is achieved within a given country. In many ways, scaling up to reach the "last mile" communities is much more challenging, and a greater test for the partners within a given context. The CPIMS+ has been optimized for low- and zero-connectivity settings, allowing caseworkers to take their digital records with them when they travel to hard-to-reach communities.

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This great increase in scale is accompanied by thousands more users, and with more active users comes a greater caseload. As of April 2023, CPIMS+ had been used to register and provide digitally supported services to more than 1.3 million vulnerable children and their families. That's an amazing achievement, and the credit goes to the dedicated workforce that brings services and support to these kids. It also reflects and growing trend towards digitally-supported case managment in the social services sector.


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No two programming contexts are ever exactly the same, so as we grow, we are constantly learning and adapting. Our partnerships are expanding and our processes are maturing. And most importantly, the evidence of our impact is becoming clearer. CPIMS+ is a major enabler of quality child protection services, at a time when the children of the world need our support more than ever. Thanks to all of our partners and supporters.


We're planning some major updates to this site to showcase newly available tools and materials. Come visit again soon.