• CPIMS+ Features

    Designed with and developed by child protection case management

    service providers

    Case Management

    The CPIMS+/Primero provides intuitive digital forms and clear workflows to assist with documenting case processes, from identification and registration, to assessment, case planning, referrals and transfers, and case closure. The forms are mostly configurable to fit your context.


    Family Reunification

    Family reunification

    The CPIMS+/Primero uses matching technology to pair tracing requests made by caregivers with records of children registered as separated or unaccompanied. More advanced FTR functionality will continue to be developed. See a demo video here!



    Family Reunification

    Mobile Application

    The CPIMS+/Primero now has an android mobile app to support the work of social/case workers on the go, wherever they are. This app is currently being tested in Nepal and Kenya and should be available for other countries later on in the year. Check out the demo video.



    Open Source

    The cpims+/Primero is envisioned as a global public good, and has been developed according to the Principles for Digital Development. Primero is made available on GitHub under the GNU Affero GPL 3 license. Check out our Developer's Site.

  • Take a Tour

    Take a Tour of the CPIMS+ Database Software

    If you want to know what the CPIMS+ looks like, you can see a presentation here

  • Background/History

    The International Rescue Committee (IRC), Save the Children and UNICEF have been working together since 2005 as a Steering Committee to promote the use of a standard interagency child protection information management system for the child protection sector. In 2016, both UNHCR and Terre des Hommes Lausanne have joined the CPIMS Steering Committee. The child protection information management system is a practical, field-level tool that supports effective and timely case management of individual vulnerable children. It is comprised of database software and accompanying resources and guidance documents that promote best practices, designed to enhance and assist child protection programs to provide improved support to vulnerable children in a given context.


    The IA CPIMS was originally designed to facilitate family tracing and reunification (FTR) of children in emergencies. In 2009, it was re-designed and enhanced to have the ability to support any thematic area of child protection, including supporting child protection systems building. In 2014, the development of a ‘next generation’ IMS software platform started, called Primero, with both online and offline capabilities and enhanced features. It also comes with a mobile application. Primero supports several modules, including the GBVIMS+ and the CPIMS+.