What is the CPIMS+?

    • The CPIMS+ is the software application that was developed to support case management systems.

    What is Primero and what is the link between Primero and the CPIMS+?

    • Primero (the Protection Related Information Management System) is an open source, browser-based application that supports protection programs by providing secure case management, family tracing and reunification (FTR), and incident monitoring capabilities. This software platform supports several independent modules such as the CPIMS+ and the GBVIMS+ (Gender Based Violence IMS). Different functionalities are included in different modules. For example, FTR is only available in the CPIMS+.

    What does Primero do?

    • Primero is an information management software that helps social workers, protection workers, and service providers manage, store, and analyse data. It currently has functionality to support: 1) case management 2) incident monitoring, and, 3) family tracing and reunification.

    What does Primero NOT do?

    • As with any software, Primero cannot replace or substitute good business practice, which in this case refers to good protection programming. The application will only add value to programmes that are already functioning.

    Who owns the CPIMS+?

    • The CPIMS+ is envisioned as a public good. It is the result of many years of collaboration between many different nonprofit stakeholders, incuding UNICEF, Save the Children, the International Rescue Committee, Terre des hommes (Lausanne) and Plan International.

    Is it free? How much does it cost?

    • CPIMS+ is an open source, not-for-profit project. There are no licensing fees associated with the CPIMS+. Using as open source only allows you access to the code, not the configurations, tools and support.
    • The application and documentation are freely available. Some CPIMS+ resources (like the standard configurations) are only shared under specific circumstances and when minimum criteria are met.
    • The costs of configuring and deploying the CPIMS+ will vary depending on the available technical capacity of the organization and the complexity of the installation.
    • A total cost of ownership assessment should be conducted based on the size and complexity of the installation. As with any technology solution, organizations should not underestimate the ongoing costs of support and maintenance. The global project will not provide production support to individual organizations, but will make resources, patches and upgrades available on GitHub.

    How does the CPIMS+ enforce confidentiality?

    • The CPIMS+/Primero utilizes role-based access, so you can carefully define which users can see specific data and perform specific actions. For more information on how roles are configured, see the Primero Administration and Configuration Guide.

    How can I access the CPIMS+?

    • For humanitarian contexts, the CPIMS Steering Committee provides strategic oversight for the CPIMS project and can be contacted through the CPIMS Inter-Agency Coordinator. (see "Support" tab).
    • For non-humanitarian contexts, please contact childprotectioninnovation@gmail.com

    Is the CPIMS+ open source?

    • Yes! You can find the full application source code on Github.
    • The CPIMS+ configuration bundle - the way the forms, roles, workflows and reports are organized - is proprietary.

    Can anyone use the CPIMS+?

    • Yes, with some conditions. CPIMS+ application usage is governed by the GNU Affero GPL 3 license. Please read it carefully and understand your obligations.
    • NOTE: While the CPIMS+ is envisioned as a public good, only organizations that have followed the prescribed best practice process and which meet the safety and sustainability criteria will receive access to the CPIMS+ configuration bundle and engagement with the global production support and maintenance contract. This is a not-for-profit initiative and support resources are limited.
    • IMPORTANT: There are serious implications for child safety when using the CPIMS+ or any digital tool that collects and compiles sensitive data about individuals. As such, CPIMS+ reserves the right to determine the organizations and programmes it will provide direct support to.
    • All existing and potential users are encouraged to carefully read the relevant documentation to inform decision making.

    What do you need to run the CPIMS+?

    • If you choose to host the CPIMS+/Primero on the cloud, it can be accessed on any device with a data connection via your browser. We recommend Google Chrome, but you can use the browser you prefer, with the exception of Internet Explorer.
    • If you want to use our mobile app, you will need an Android device running at least Lollipop (5).
    • If you want to host the CPIMS+/Primero locally so on a stand-alone computer, you will need to refer to our Support Hub for instructions.
    For a complete FAQ, please refer to the FAQ section in this page: https://support.primero.org/documentation


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