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Rolling out the CPIMS+ in Kurdistan: Coordination is the key

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The CPIMS+ is about to become of a reality in the Kurdish Region of Iraq (KRI). After many months of planning and preparation, a diverse group of Child Protection sub sector partners are moving ahead with implementation planning for a pilot in the Dohuk governorate. A very successful mission was conducted in November, with the participation and support of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. The engagement was coordinated by the Child Protection Sub Cluster and the Case Management Working Group, and included fact finding, requirements gathering, and end-user engagement. Dozens of organizations, hundreds of case workers and supervisors, working towards a common purpose, for the protection and well being of thousands of displaced and vulnerable children and families... it is an amazing thing to behold. This work in KRI will serve a model for the national scaling up of digital case management in Iraq. We are very excited to have the opportunity.

The rollout will involve feature enhancements to Primero v1.7. In this context, it is important that users be able to access and understand the app in multiple languages (i.e. more than 2), so we will be looking at implementing "toggle between" Arabic, Kurdish, and English to facilitate work flows between multilingual teams. Due to the nature of the caseload, we will also be prioritizing work on family tracing and duplicate detection, and so each child's case can be unique, and partners across the region can connect unaccompanied and separated children with their caregivers. We will rely heavily on our Android mobile app, which is being upgraded and optimized constantly. Currently, some case workers are spending nearly a quarter of their work week on case documentation - filling out forms and spreadsheets. We are listening to these users, gathering ideas for UI improvements and intuitive workflows that will ensure they spend less time documenting, and more time directly engaging with the people who need them most.

The CPIMS+/Primero team would like to thank the "champions" on the ground in KRI, with special shout-outs to MY the "Queen of Coordination", Save the Children, VOP, SOSD, ACTED, DoLSA Dohuk, IRC, UNICEF and UNHCR for their support and contributions. Lots of work to do.... watch this space for updates.

For detailed data and interactive dashboards on the Child Protection sub sector emergency response in Iraq, please visit the Child Protection page on Humanitarian Response.

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