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Protective services for children on the move.

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Somaliland-Puntland: Young people are migrating in record numbers. They need access to social services.

Children and young people who migrate within their own countries and across national borders are highly vulnerable, and largely invisible to social services networks. Providing targeted services for them is difficult, because case workers and service providers are unable to follow these children along their journey. Working together with the key government and non-government partners in Somaliland and Puntland, the CPIMS+ is being used to meet the information management needs of this critical programme, and to ensure that children on the move don't fall through the cracks. Reducing the barriers to accessing services and ensuring confidentiality are key considerations.

New CPIMS+ features are being introduced to support continuity of care, and to ensure that children are not discouraged from accessing services because of intrusive and duplicative registration and documentation practices. CPIMS+/Primero v1.6 is under development and will be ready for rollout in mid 2018. More to come!

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