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Great news: CPIMS+ is live in Iraq!

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CPIMS+ is live in Dohuk governorate of Kurdish Region on Iraq (KRI) since 16 June 2019 and available in English, Arabic and Kurdish language.

Six agencies including General Directorate of Care and Social Development (GDoCSD) with more than 80 case management actors are using the system for child protection case management. The system is accompanied by new Data Protection and Information Sharing Protocol and Updated Case Management Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) by National Case Management Working Group under Child Protection Sub-Cluster.

Following the recommendation from ‘Assessment of the Inter-Agency Information Management System for Child Protection Case Management in Iraq - 2017’ – to have uniform inter-agency information management system for case management, Iraq have introduced CPIMS+.

The case management agencies were using their individual internal databases mostly for reporting purpose. CPIMS+, as the standard inter-agency system, will not only serve the reporting need of the agencies but also provide the information for situation monitoring and informed program prioritization to individual agencies, inter-agency groups and government.

Moreover, it will assist case workers to better manage their case management tasks and strengthen the good practices such as confidentiality while dealing with case management information.

Iraq plans to further roll out CPIMS+ across Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) in the coming months together with Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MoLSA), as part of CP system strengthening efforts in case management.

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