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Great news:

CPIMS+ is live in Iraq!

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CPIMS+ went live in the Dohuk governorate of Kurdish Region in Iraq (KRI) on 16 June 2019 and is available in English, Arabic and Kurdish languages.

Shared purpose and strong coordination. Following months of planning, training and preparation, the CPIMS+ is now live in Dohuk. Six agencies, including General Directorate of Care and Social Development (GDoCSD), comprised of more than 80 case management actors are using the system for managing cases of vulnerable children. The system is accompanied by new Data Protection and Information Sharing Protocol and an updated Case Management Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) supported by the National Case Management Working Group under Child Protection Sub-Cluster.

This go-live represents the fulfillment of the recommendation from the Assessment of the Inter-Agency Information Management System for Child Protection Case Management in Iraq from 2017 which highlighted the need to have uniform inter-agency information management system for case management, including referrals for services.

Previously, these case management agencies were using their individual organizational databases for reporting purposes. The CPIMS+ will not only serve the reporting needs of the agencies, but also provide the data for situation monitoring and informed programme prioritization to individual agencies, inter-agency groups and government. It also helps case workers to better manage their case management tasks and strengthen good practices and confidentiality while dealing with individual case data. The user-friendly Android mobile lets our front line workers do their jobs without worrying about connectivity or the security of paper records.

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New feature: Toggle between languages!

Based on the needs of the actors in northern Iraq, the CPIMS+ developed additional features to allow different users to select the language that suits them. It is critical that case workers communicate with children in the language that they best understand. Now a case worker can gather data in Kurdish and produce reports and aggregates in Arabic or English without translation. Multi-lingual teams can work together to support referrals and supervise case work. It is a great example of how technology can improve programme coordination and response.

Partners plan to continue the roll out CPIMS+ across the Kurdistan Region of Iraq in the coming months together with Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MoLSA), as part of CP system strengthening efforts. We are bringing services providers across the region together around a common approach to tracking services for children.

Building stronger, more resilient systems to serve those who need it most. Our work continues...

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