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The CPIMS Steering Committee Annual Meeting 2019

Lausanne, Switzerland

Huge thanks goes to partners Terre des Hommes for hosting this year's CPIMS Steering Committee in the beautiful city of Lausanne! The two-day event was attended by representatives from IRC, Save the Children, UNHCR, UNICEF and Terre des Hommes (Lausanne). With so much work in the pipeline, this was hardly enough time. CPIMS+ is fast evolving into the world's premiere digital case management solution for Child Protection. Demand is through the roof. That's a lot to manage, and the CPIMS Steering Committee is up to the task.

Primero v2 is coming soon, and this means that there are important opportunities to improve the CPIMS+, respond to the issues identified in the 2018 review process, and build more efficient deployment and support capacities at global, regional and country levels.

The CPIMS Steering Committee is working closely with the Case Management Task Force to develop better, more responsive processes, including standardized forms and information management tools. The goal is to optimize our response times, to bring tools that add value for case workers of all capacities, to make confidentiality a priority even in the most difficult contexts, and to use the CPIMS+ to encourage early and effective coordination.

Finally, the CPIMS Steering Committee got a sneak peek at the new and improved user interface. A major redesign process is underway! Primero and the CPIMS+ are getting an updated look and feel, drawing from the thousands of items of feedback gathered from hundreds of users over the past three years. We will be engaging with field-based CPIMS+ users to gather requirements and drive the user experience process. These are exciting times.

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