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Coming full circle - from seed funding to comprehensive review.

5 years of CPIMS+




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It's here! The comprehensive review of the CPIMS+

Lots can happen when you believe in an idea. In 2013, USAID's Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) got behind the idea that a "next generation" CPIMS could be developed and scaled globally, bringing together partners around a common approach that would directly improve results for children in humanitarian action. In 2018, USAID-OFDA generously supported a process to review the progress made, engage with users, and drive the next phase of CPIMS+ development, planning and management.

The review of the CPIMS+ was commissioned and overseen by the Inter-Agency CPIMS+ Steering Committee. The review was conducted by Roy Tjan, an independent child protection consultant. The objective of the review was to answer the question: “How can we ensure that the CPIMS+ and associated tools that support information management for case management are effective in supporting child protection case management in humanitarian contexts?” Following extensive engagement with field-based users and global level teams, a detailed assessment of the findings and subsequent recommendations was shared.

The global CPIMS+ Steering Committee, in close collaboration with the Primero Project Team and the Global Case Management Task Force, is now developing a joint management response plan, prioritization each recommendation and taking appropriate action. This joint management response plan forms the basis of our ongoing work and priorities setting moving forward.

We are listening to users. We are committed to making the CPIMS+ the most effective and user-friendly child protection case management application in the world. We are committed to strengthening our capacity to deploy and support this tool at scale. We are committed to making sure that vulnerable children receive the best quality services possible.

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A summary version of the report can be found here.

A full version of the report can be found here.

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