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A great new resource for child protection case management

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Guidance for improving quality of care using the integrated case management (ICM) approach

"Vulnerable children and families are entitled to efficient, comprehensive and respectful assistance on multiple fronts set out in national and global policies, but are often faced with piecemeal, inadequate and intrusive services, or are neglected altogether."

This line, taken from the introduction of the report Integrating Case Management for Vulnerable Children: A process guide for assessing and developing an integrated case management system in Eastern and Southern Africa, is relevant in many regions. This document, produced by Maestral and UNICEF ESARO, provides clear and measurable steps for policy makers and programme managers who want to improve the quality of services and protection for vulnerable children. The guide promotes the integrated case management (ICM) model, which understands that vulnerable children faces many types of risks that are best addressed through a coordinated approach.

These guidelines also set out some important functions and principles for how ICTs can and should be used to support child protection case management. See Annexes 8 and 9.

A great new resource!

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